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Realistic Labrador

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information about the simulation more dogs, please see the end of the page
For more information about simulated dogs, please see the end of the page
Meet Baby Lucky Lucky, a very cute Labrador.
  • This pet is 100% handmade  by Emma Recuero
  • With 30 years of pet raising experience, everyone is realistic
  • The average production time is usually 5-15 days, please be patient
  • Can provide customized pets you like
  • 50,000+ satisfied customers
  • Due to the first contact with the Facebook sales department, the price is subject to time constraints

Made of artificial fur

  • Hand carved polymer clay nose, paws, claws
  • Glass eyes
  • The head, body and legs are connected by a plastic skeleton lock
  • Filled with polyester and steel particles
  • Creatures introduced by airbrush paint and artistic pastels.
  • It is completely handmade.
  • [Technical traces]: Handmade products are not works of art, and there may be some defects. Perfectionists please be careful to buy!
  • [Reminder]: Due to the display and shooting light, there may be color difference, please refer to the actual product! Pay attention to the color difference, please buy carefully.