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Giant Human Balloon

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Go crazy and have fun with this Giant Balloons !! Cool, and funny little games! Play with your family and friends for non stop laughter and fun!!!

Jump!! Bounce!! Bump!! Bump with each other, and bounce like a kids!! It's safe!! With impact-absorption!! Exciting and Super Fun!!Made from High Quality Natural Latex makes it super durable and unbreakable!! You don't have to worry about bursting the balloons!!


Huge Size Balloon
When the balloon is fully inflated with air, can contain a 3000 liters, or a 3 cubic meters. It can expand its size up to 72 inch or 180 cm. Life size giant balloon!!! 

Super Elastic Latex Based Material with inflated air surrounding to your body inside of the balloon. You can bump to each other with many time without hurting. Super Safe!! To Bounce and Bump!!

Super Durable
This giant balloon is made of High Quality Natural Latex!! Super elastic and flexible balloon!! It can withstand high tension and some stretching forces!!

Flexible Air Way
You'll never get stuck inside of the balloon !! The opening air way is extremely flexible!! It can stretch up to 30cm!!






  • Material: Latex


  • 1x Latex Giant Human Balloon