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Full-automatic Variable-frequency 360 ° Electric Toothbrush Teeth Whitening Inductive Charging Electric Silicone Toothbrush

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Product Parameters
Product detail
Product Parameters
Product detail
1. Free Hands: U-shaped silicone brush head design. Made of soft food grade silicone material, 360 ° all-round brushing. Clean the surface of the teeth and the internal direction, each brushing can bring a quick and comfortable experience to the mouth.
2. Blu-ray Whitening: Blu-ray automatically turns on when brushing teeth, effectively removing calculus, plaque, and making the mouth fresh and healthy.
3. AI Automatic Memory Function: the smart memory user's custom mode will automatically start from the last used last mode.
4. Inductive Charging: charging time is less than 90 minutes, can be used for more than 1 week, real energy saving and environmental protection.
5. IPX7 Waterproof: It adopts all-round IPX7 waterproof seal design and is durable.

Material:  brush head is food grade silicone, body is ABS 
Rated voltage: 3.2-3.7V
Rated power: 5W
Charging time: 90 minutes, can be used for about a week
Charging method: inductive charging
Four modes: strong brushing mode, comfortable tooth cleaning mode, gum massage mode, whitening mode
Size: about 11.4*6.5*3cm/4.49*2.56*1.18in

1*Toothbrush head
1*USB charging cable
1*Charging stand
1*Instruction Free Hands: U-shaped silicone brush head design. Made of soft food grade silicone material, 360 ° all-round brushing. Clean the surface of the teeth and the internal direction, each brushing can bring a quick and comfortable experience to the mouth.
Blu-ray Whitening: Blu-ray automatically turns on when brushing teeth, effectively removing calculus, plaque, and making the mouth fresh and healthy.
AI Automatic Memory Function: the smart memory user's custom mode will automatically start from the last used last mode.
Inductive Charging: charging time is less than 90 minutes, can be used for more than 1 week, real energy saving and environmental protection.
IPX7 Waterproof: It adopts all-round IPX7 waterproof seal design and is durable.

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