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No Drill Curtain Rod Brackets Holders

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The Easiest and Fastest Way to Install Curtains! 



These unique easy to install curtain rod brackets In 10 Seconds! as they just tap right into your window frame. 


It'll make two tiny holes the size of a thumb-tack, and by using the leverage of a bar that goes alongside the edge of the frame, it safely holds the curtain bar up with ease.



The Hang curtain rod holders are able to hold up to 20 lbs of weight without damaging your walls, and won't require you to level or adjust anything after installation as it'll always be as level as your window frame.



The Hang curtain rod holders work with any wooden window frame that's at least 1/2 inch wide from the wall,  fit any curtain rod up to 1 inch in diameter, and there's even an option for a center support bracket for extra long windows and curtains. 



The unique easy hanging curtain rod holders require just a hammer or mallet as they require no drilling or nails, are easily removed with no damage left afterward, and they come in single or double rod holders depending on your preference. 

The double rod holder protrudes 4.25 inches from the wall. 


Hang Curtains In 3 Easy Steps

Double rod brackets are sold in a set, one bracket for each side of your window trim. Simply tap the brackets into the top of your woodwork with a hammer without having to measure, level or drill holes in your walls or woodwork. It allows you to hang beautiful draperies without damaging your walls and woodwork with harmful nails or screws. Trim must be a half of an inch in width for the brackets to be fully installed as the top part of the bracket is a half of an inch in width.

Package contains two pieces for left and right side of the window.
Brackets will work with your existing, standard-size curtain rods (1" or 5/8")
If curtain rods extend more than 30 inches apart, you will need to purchase a center support bracket.

Center support brackets are intended to be used to support the middle of long curtain rods and are sold individually. If you are looking to purchase a set of brackets for the left and right side of your window please select double rod brackets. To ensure proper stability curtain rods should be supported every 30 inches.

This center support bracket will work with your existing, standard-size curtain rods (1" or 5/8")

No screws. No drills. No holes or damage.




Material: A3 iron plate 

Size: 10 x 6 x 6cm


2 PCS : 2 X Curtain Rod Bracket

3 PCS : 2 X Curtain Rod Bracket + 1 X Center Support Bracket

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