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K18 Multi-function Hidden Camera Detector

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Personal Privacy is Threatened

With the development of technology, there are various security risks in personal privacy. Many miniature cameras and eavesdroppers exist in places you never expected.

This device protects your privacy 

This product is a highly effective sweeping device that detecting various illegal spying devices. Such as hidden wireless cameras, wiretaps, Bluetooth and stealth headset and more.

Laser Search

There are 6 high brightness laser lights on the back of the detector. Click the GS button to turn on the laser. Put this device in front of your eyes to help you find the tiny pinhole lens.

Magnetic Field Fetection

The device can use the probe to search the magnetic field. When found, the device emits vibration and alarm sounds, and the LED light on the front of the device will light up.

Radio Signal Detection

When it detects illegal devices such as invisible cameras or eavesdroppers, the detector's front LED lights up and gives a vibration and sound alarm. It has a total of ten levels of LED indicators, the closer to the bugs, the higher the LED level, and the greater the noise.


Detectable devices

Where can use it?

This device is very useful to protect your privacy. You no longer need to worry about hidden cameras or bugs, etc.

Aparterment, Hotel, Locker Room

When you go to these places, you can use this device to detect hidden cameras.

Meeting Rooms

During important meetings and negotiations, this device protects your trade secrets from eavesdropping.


It can detect the GPS tracking device in your car to prevent your Itinerary from being revealed

Appointment, Dating

This hidden camera detector could provides safe dating place for lovers.

Protect Your Privacy