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Comfortable cushion + relieve back

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Defeat bad posture and terrible back pain! Keep your hips and spine relaxed and improve blood circulation

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This is a very practical item for people who Sitting, working in the office for a long time. It can not only relief fatigue and eliminate hip and spine edema effectively, but also improve hip and spine blood circulation safely. 

 “My physiotherapist suggested that because I am always in the office, I quickly got used to this mat. I can't live without it! This is a must for anyone with back pain. “Maria W .

Enhances blood circulation - Through its shape memory, adapts to your body shape and reduces stress in critical areas, significantly improving blood flow to the legs and feet.

Posture Correction - Provides optimal support for the lower back and spine, promoting healthy posture and preventing pain.

1. A very practical item for people who Sitting, working in the office for a long time.
2. Relief fatigue, improve body blood circulation.
3. Can be used in your sleeping time, without any side effect.
4. Wear-resistant and practical, great gift for your family, friends and relatives.
5. Multi-functional pillow, can be used as cushion, hand warmer and nap pillow.

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rgonomic design - The cotton shape with memory shape balances the pool without compromising comfort. There is a venting hood to allow air to circulate.

Ideal for an office, home or car - suitable for families, offices and cars. Easily handled and turned any chair into an ergonomic office chair.

High quality - Made of memory grade medical grade cotton to maintain the original shape for maximum comfort.

Shaping the hips and spine: Long-term use favors the shape of the hips and spine, shaping the perfect hip and spine curve. Relax hips and spine feet, relieve hip and spine fatigue, and eliminate swelling of the hips and spine. For a beautiful character curve, it is the pursuit of every woman

Multiple colors available

Iten Type: Beautiful hip cushion
Material: Polyester
Item Size: 45x31x10 * 19.5 cm / 17.7*12.2*7.7inch
Quantity: 1Pcs
Package Weight: Approx.1x 900g

Package List:

1 * Beautiful hip cushion

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