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Car Window Shade - Fit to Side and Rear Windows

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Car Window Shade  -Protect Yourself and Your Kids, Pets from Sun Glare - Blocks over 99% of Harmful UV Rays!

  • Super easy Stick them to your car side windows, easy! Wipe the window with a towel and the window shade will stay in place for a very long time until you peel them off. 
  • Best Protection -Protect Kids from Harmful UV Rays. Our Car window shade is larger and can block most of the sun and offer more protection for your kids or baby - at least 98% of harmful sun UV rays.
  • Suction Cups for Extra support ï»?Our window shades are made from strong static material and will stick without adhesives that leave a messy residue. The suction cups have been added to the package to give it a longer-lasting hold.
  • High Quality -Our car windowshade has 2 sides. One side is made of premium Static cling material and the other side, the 80 GSM (Highest possible) protective mesh that blocks up to 98% of damaging UV rays.
  • The Perfect Gift- This sunshade for car will make the best of baby gifts to match the baby infant car seats , the best of car gifts for anyone who loves car accessories or has children or pets that need sun protection.


  1. Remove the shades prior to lowing the car side window.
  2. When you unfold the shades, you will find some wrinkles, and they will completely gone after you stick it to the car for a while. 
Color:: [black]